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The best garden designers – how to find them?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Garden renovation does not have to mean complete metamorphosis of the current one. It is possible to make a few changes making the garden to look extremely different. What is the best way to do a renovation of the garden?

Sculptures from shrubs? Perfect idea for each garden

Garden designers are in constant race to create a better and more creative garden decoration. Majority of garden decorations are linked with growing plants. The plant decorations can be made as a finely trimmed bushes or multi-coloured flowers that entwine the fence or cascade from the pot. Sculptures from cut shrubs are called topiary. Their shape depends on the skill of the gardener. They can resemble a cone, a ball, and even human or animal character. Species such as yew, boxwood, thuja, juniper and larch are the best to create this type of sculptures. Various figurines and sculptures may appear in the garden in this way.

Vegetation and garden renovation

Trimming of bushes and trees has one more advantage. Such solution allows to limit the growth of the plant. Choosing plants to the garden is not an easy task. It’s not enough to consider plant’s appearance. Before choosing proper plant, the gardener should know such factors like soil moisture but also degree and intensity of the sunlight.

Novice gardeners should choose undemanding plants that don’t have to be replanted often and are resistant to frost. Each gardener should take in consideration growing seasonal plants as well because they are good supplement of well-prepared garden. Good solution for beautiful garden is a green and dense lawn. Such views are well-known in Milton Keynes landscaped gardens.

It is worth to take care of a few perennial plants in the garden. Such solution will bring to the garden beautiful look when the leaves fall from most of the plants. The common truth is that renovation of well-planned garden is not that difficult. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, it is worthy to call for some specialists who can help you with all the work.

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