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Pergolas in the garden and various arrangements with them

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Pergolas in the garden aren’t losing their popularity for the last couple of years. They allow to prepare beautiful garden or balcony arrangements, which will delight both guests and housemates. How to arrange them?

Use suitable plants

Even though wooden and any other pergolas make a great decoration on their own, you still should try to fully use its potential, choosing just the right plants, that will climb on them.

One of the most popular and spectacular choice are roses. Not only they offer an amazaing smell, but also beautiful flowers and great, dark green leaves, which will entwine the pergola. However, keep in mind, that even though they are really beautiful, they are also demanding: fertile soil and sunny position.

Another popular choice is clematis. If offers amazing leaves, but also needs some specific conditions to look great.

Undemanding, impressive garden: how to make one?

Real grass looks nice, but it requires a lot of attention. If you prefer to spend your time on other activities than mowing, fertilizing and watering – try artificial grass in garden. Good quality artificial grass looks even better than the natural one and what’s best about it is the fact that it doesn’t require so much attention.

Pergolas in the garden combined with artificial grass is an amazing choice for undemanding garden, which offers an amazing look. If you still want some live vegetation – put matching flowerpots next to pergola and plant some climbing roses or vines. This way you will get an easy and effective garden, which will be family’s and friends’ favorite place.

However, if you really lack time and don’t really want to worry about flower watering – choose completely artificial vegetation, that will require no attention. Good quality, wooden pergola will look amazing, if you will wrap it with artificial ivy or other plant of your choosing.

Whatever choices you make, try to choose high quality products, which will serve you for many years, enabling pleasant relaxation in your garden.


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