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How to secure plants for the winter?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Gardening is a hobby of many people because it is very creative and relaxing. In the following years, you can grow more and more beautiful flowers that decorate any garden or apartment with their presence. For this reason, every home-grown gardener wants flowers to live as long as possible. For this purpose, various types of treatments are used to protect flowers from animals or weather conditions. One of the most dangerous seasons of the year is winter. How to protect plants for winter?

When to secure the plants?

One of the first dates when plant protection should start is the beginning of November. Then the first frosts may begin to occur, and thus the temperature at night will drop below 0 degrees Celsius.

Securing plants for winter

The cheapest material to cover plants is leaves. Their biggest advantage is that they are natural and you can grow them yourself, as long as there is at least one tree on the plot. It is the cheapest natural insulation material that can be used to protect perennial beds and protect the bases of trees, shrubs and creepers that are sensitive to frost. The leaves have some disadvantages, however, as they are light and can be blown away by the wind. In addition, they very often nest worms that can attack plants.

Straw will be a better solution, because it has better air permeability and does not clump. The best way to use straw is through mats made of this material. This way you can protect trees and shrubs. Straw protects plants even against heavy frost, unfortunately, rodents sometimes nest in it, but still it is one of the best methods for securing the garden for the winter.

To be sure that the plants survive the winter, it is necessary to securing plants against frost. The two simplest ways of protecting plants for the winter period are presented above, however there are many other materials that can be used as a protection. If you want to be sure that the protection was done correctly, it is worth using the services of companies specializing in this type of task.

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