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How to arrange small garden? Small garden design – ideas and inspiration!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Small gardens are charming, but also a bit challenging. If you’re looking for small garden ideas – you’ve come to the right place. What to do in the garden?

Ideas for a front garden

First of all, we have to notice the difference between front gardens and backyards. While the latter might have a bit of utility value that needs to be taken into account – the front is to play mainly a representative function. Thus, while arranging the front garden, take into account the degree of sunlight and choose the right vegetation. If you’re not a huge fan of watering and taking care about the plants – rockery (with or without cacti) might be a good idea.

If the house has a porch – consider installing a pergola and planting climbing plants such as ivy or roses. You will have a unique house decoration in a flash!

Never ignore the amount of sunlight your front (and back) garden might offer. Even the prettiest flowers will never bloom if you don’t match them with the atmospheric conditions.

Ideas for backyard

If you’re looking for garden ideas small places in the back – you should consider, what type of activity will be taken there. For those, who have children – the best option might be grass (artificial or real) and some plants on the outskirts. Not only it matters because kids need some space to play, but also – any plants in the middle bight be accidentally destroyed by them.

The choice between natural and artificial grass should be taken carefully. Some people just love the feel of real blades of grass underfoot, while others – hate watering, mowing and other care activities. If you feel tempted by the a less demanding option of artificial turf – we assure you that it is sometimes impossible to distinguish it from real grass!

Put flower pots on the terrace and if you feel like working as a gardener – try to plant some vegetables or fruits. Maybe you will even have your own tasty food in the summer?


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