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Hot trends in garden architecture and design! Which style to choose?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Hot trends in garden architecture and design! Which style to choose?

Being stuck at home or working via computer certainly isn’t ideal – still, this is the new reality that needs to be accepted. What is more, finding a way to make your surrounding look fresh and interesting might be a key to your energy levels and general good mood. How to do it? It’s easy – just rearrange your garden following one of these hottest design styles!

Minimalist garden

This kind of garden design was around for many centuries, but now it’s apparently reaching the highs of its popularity. It consists of the austere, ascetic choices in terms of small architecture, like plain wooden benches, ceramic plant pots and stone decor patches. If it’s possible, installing a small pond or even a fountain will give your minimalist garden some of the calming, Zen-like athmosphere of a Japanese temple.

When it comes to fencing, bamboo or other hard wood in bright colours from fencing Milton Keynes will be the best option, perfectly complimenting the modern qualities of the design as well as its spiritual inspirations. And when we’re at that, it’s time to take this meditation cushion out of the closet and put it to good use – your mind will thank you later!

Cottage garden

An abundance of colourful flowers with their heavenly scents, some artfully arranged shrubs and small trees, and maybe the gravel paths between the flower beds – it’s an essence of a cottage garden! Fortunately, you won’t be needing a cottage to design it – a wooden deck from fencing Milton Keynes in your city apartment will do just fine.

The secret of the cottage garden lays in the skillful combining of the classic varieties of flowers, with the traditional English herb border or patch with its amazing scents and medicinal properties. The additional charm and chic can be brought in by choosing a few Victorian-inspired garden sculptures.


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