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Food self-sufficiency and design in one place? Plant a Victory Garden!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The unsettling visions of food shortages and empty market shelves won’t be our problem this time, as it appears. Still, most of us would gain a lot from learning how to be more self-sufficient with food production, even in the city. It’s time to resurrect the brilliant idea of Victory Gardens!

What are Victory Gardens?

This excellent initiative dates back to the times of WWI and WWII, when it was promoted as a way to help with the war effort from the civilian staindpoint. Sounds lofty, but basically it’s all about planting a small, one-family vegetable and fruit garden to satisfy the culinary needs of the people around without going to the store. Talk about being relevant for our times!

But a Victory Garden is far from grim necessity – it’s a perfect solution marrying all of your eco-hippie design dreams and modern landscaping creativity. Spending time in your garder amidst the all the planters with home-grown vegetables will soothe your soul and bring balance to your mind. If you live in the city, remember to invest in the high-quality fencing Milton Keynes that will give you some privacy away from the prying eyes!

Design in a vegetable garden? Yes, it’s possible!

A proper Victory Garden doesn’t need to look very rustic, if that’s not your cup of coffee. Neat rows of sweet peas, lettuce and potatoes, circled by black and brown pumice stones or raised vegetable beds encased in durable wood will create a sleek, modern feeling, when paired with a metal fence with geometric patterns.

The bamboo fencing, which you can order at MM Landscapes in Milton Keynes, will also look amazing! And of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t decorate your vegetable garden with some modern garden art. You’ll easily find planters in different shapes and colours that can double as decor while still retaining their practical side.


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